Contributions to Speleobiology Appearing in Acta Carsologica

Tanja Pipan, David C Culver



Although primarily known as a journal of karst geosciences and hydrology, Acta Carsologica has played a vital role in the development of speleobiology. A total of 65 biological papers on speleobiology were published in the journal from 1955 to 2014. Many of the papers, especially in the early years of the journal, added to the knowledge base of species distribution and description, but important conceptual and synthetic papers have also appeared. Two special issues were devoted to interdisciplinary topics with a major biological component-time in karst, and carbon and boundaries in karst.
Key words: biospeleology, cave biology, Egon Pretner, speleobiology.


biospeleology; cave biology; Egon Pretner; speleobiology

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