Sound Properties of Planinsko polje (Slovenia)

  • Josip Korošec Institut za konservatorstvo in restavratorstvo pri Zavodu za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije
  • Boštjan Perovšek Saeta- Zavod za kulturne in promocijske aktivnosti
  • Dejan Vončina Notranjski muzej, Postojna


Geographically, the Planinsko Polje field is one of the most preserved cultural regions of the Karstic landscape of inner Slovenia and as such a protected area of national importance. It can be recognized by its exceptional features and landmarks of material and non-material heritage and by its high-quality symbiosis of all ingredients in its space. The research of sound in the area of Planinsko Polje shows that it is an important, preserved constituent of natural and cultural heritage. Its manifestations are also interesting as indicators of its actual endangerment.


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