Syntaxonomy of the Festuco-Brometea class vegetation of the Azov sea coastal zone


  • Vitaliy Коlomiychuk O.V. Fomin Botanical Garden, the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 1 Simon Petlura St., 01032 Kyiv
  • Denys Vynokurov M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2 Tereschenkivska St., 01601 Kyiv


bunchgrass steppe, classification, diagnostic species, dry grasslands, Eastern Europe, numerical analysis, TWINSPAN, vegetation


Syntaxonomy of the class Festuco-Brometea in Ukraine has barely been still explored. There are some scattered and local data, mainly within the Forest-Steppe zone, which need to be compiled and critically reviewed. Similarly, the Azov Sea coastal zone, which, despite the considerable diversity of habitats, remains unstudied phytosociologically. We have carried out large-scale comparisons of relevés from the Sea of Azov coastline with data from other regions of Ukraine, Europe, and Russia. In total, 2336 relevés were used for the analysis. For the analysis, Modified TWINSPAN classification was used. Diagnostic species were determined by means of the phi fidelity index. In total, 9 associations and 4 subassociations, belonging to four alliances, were identified and categorised as follows: Artemisio-Kochion prostratae (ruderalized steppes), Artemisio tauricae- Festucion valesiacae (saline steppe vegetation on sites affected by the sea or saline ground water), Stipo lessingianae-Salvion nutantis (forb-bunchgrass steppe vegetation) and Tanaceto millefolii-Galatellion villosae (bunchgrass steppes). The last alliance is proposed as a new one.


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