A phytosociological analysis of the Quercus coccifera L. stands in south Albania (NE Mediterranean)

Nenad Jasprica, Željko Škvorc, Milenko Milović


The results of a phytosociological investigation of the Quercus coccifera L. stands occurring along the Adriatic and Ionian coasts in south Albania are given. The surveyed stands are localized in the Thermo-Mediterranean and Meso-Mediterranean belts. On the basis of literature and unpublished data, Q. coccifera stands extend from the shoreline up to 680 m of altitude, within the Quercetea ilicis vegetation zone. According to numerical analysis, Q. coccifera stands in south Albania can be divided into two broad groups forming macchia of 3–4 m height and low shrublands [0.5–1.5(-2) m)] defined primarily by degree of human pressure and altitudes. In addition, relevés from Q. coccifera stands in Albania were differentiated from Croatian and Montenegrin the Fraxino orni-Quercetum cocciferae associations. Conversely, Q. coccifera stands in south Albania share several biological and ecological similarities with those of the eastern Adriatic coast: hemicryptophytes prevailed and the chorological spectrum highlights a clear dominance of the steno-Mediterraneans. With respect to indicator values, an important differentiation from the eastern Adriatic associations was shown only in higher light intensity of the stands in Albania.

Ključne besede

Phytosociology, syntaxonomy, Quercus coccifera, Quercetea ilicis, eastern Adriatic, Ionian coast.

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