Gorodišče u s. Kara-Jakupovo v Baškirii – novyj ob'ekt sakralizacii arheologičeskogo pamjatnika
The Site of an Ancient Settlement Near Karayakupovo Village in Bashkiria as a New Object of the Sacralization of an Archeological Site

Ainur I. Tuzbekov

DOI: https://doi.org/10.3986/sms.v21i0.7065


In this paper, the author, with the example of the Kara-Yakupovo settlement, considers the process of the formation of new sacred spaces around archaeological heritage sites in the Southern Urals. In achieving this goal, the author has used his field research results, analyzed the scientific literature and various groups in social networks. Using the obtained data, the author has traced the process of formation of sacred visualizations about the site, established the main initiators and participants of the sacralization process, as well as developed the negative consequences of this phenomenon. As a result of the conducted studies, the author has revealed one of the models of sacralization of fortified settlements (hillforts) in the early Iron Age and the Middle Ages in the Cisurals.


South Ural; sacralization; archaeological sites; New Age Religions

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3986/sms.v21i0.7065


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