Skrita pričevanja o potresu leta 1348 v slovenskih deželah
Hidden Testimonies on the Earthquake of 1348 on the Territory of Slovenia

Marija Klobčar



Studying comparative material based on studies of folklore associated with believing in water deities and folksong traditions has led to new insight into why the Kamnik Lake breached the natural dam: discovering that the spill actually occurred following an earthquake in 1348. Opposing this finding is the absence of written testimonies about the lake and its spill in contemporaneous chronicles. This prompted further research, including finding additional testimonies about the earthquake and other events in the second half of the 14th century as well as interpretations of mythological traditions associated with earthquakes.


earthquake 1348; oral tradition; colonisation; Šutna; dragon; fish Faronika; St. Christopher; Kamnik

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