Svetniki in galjot v ljudski pesmi
Saints and the Oarsman in Folk Song

Vlado Nartnik



Because Folk songs are constantly changing it is hardly surprising that the same name may refer to several persons from different historical periods. Izidor, who is depicted in the legend Sveti Izidor (Saint Izidor), only partly relates to soldier Izidor from antiquity. There is another soldier who, like Izidor, gave his life for Jesus Christ. This act is depicted in the legend Jurij sojen (Jurij Is Tried) in which soldier Jurij refuses to acknowledge the secular trial against him and proffers three offerings: Virgin Mary’s cloak, Saint Florian’s chalice, and Saint Michael’s bell. The significance of these items becomes even greater when compared to the three offerings made to three saints at the beginning of the ballad Galjot (The Oarsman). The three saints correspond to the names of three of the four successive hills situated in the Ljubljana Moor beneath the constellation Orion that is in the shape of three stars framed by four more stars.

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