Predilkata so zoo-antropomorfni i demonski obeležja vo slovenskite mitski tradiciii
The Spinner with Zoo-Anthropomorphic and Demonic Features in the Slavic Mythic Traditions

Nikos Čausidis



Five fragmented tiles originating from the 15th century and found in Prague are the research topic of this text. A woman and another zoo-anthropomorphic figure spinning in front of a spindle can be seen on the better preserved examples. An attempt has been made to connect the second figure with: (1) some forest or house female spirits from the Slavic folklore that are linked to the textile activities; (2) the initiation rites of girls into adult women through symbolic transformation from the natural sphere (animal, bear, forest) into the cultural (a wife, a house-socium) through the act of spinning and other textile activities.


Slavic mythology; female forest spirits; female house spirits; Mokosh; spinning; weaving; initiation

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