Vol 35, No 2-3 (2006)

Cover Page
Cover photo: Caver in Ferranova Buža (see paper by Staut and Auersperger)
Karst areas occupy 10-20 % if ice free land. Dissolution of rock by natural waters has given rise to specific landscape and underground. Karst surface features and caves have attracted man's curiosity since the dawn of humanity and have been a focus to scientific studies since more than half of milenia.

Acta Carsologica publishes orginial research papers and reviews, letters, essays and reports covering topics related to specific of karst areas. These comprise, but are not limited to karst geology, hydrology and geomorphology, speleology, hydrogeology, biospeleology and history of karst science.

Table of Contents

Original papers

Elery Hamilton-Smith PDF
Spatial Planning and Protection Measures for Karst Areas

Neven Bočić, Aleksandar Lukić, Vuk Tvrtko Opačić PDF
Management Models and Development of Show Caves as Tourist Destinations in Croatia

Mélanie Duval PDF
Tourism and Preservation Policies in Karst Areas: Comparision Betwen the Škocjan Caves (Slovenia) and the Ardèche Gorge (France)

Christophe Gauchon, Estelle Ployon, Jean-Jaques Delannoy, Sébastien Hacquard, Fabien Hobléa, Stéphane Jaillet, Yves Perrette PDF
The Concepts of Heritage and Heritage Resource Applied to Karsts: Protecting the Choranche Caves (Vercors, France)

Fabiana Calò, Mario Parise PDF
Evaluating the Human Disturbance to Karst Environments in Southern Italy

Ugo Sauro PDF
Changes in the Use of Natural Resources and Human Impact in the Karst Environments of the Venetian Prealps

Ivana Fistanić PDF
Sustainable Management of Brackish Karst Spring Pantan (Croatia)

Nataša Ravbar, Gregor Kovačič PDF
Karst Water Management in Slovenia in the Frame of Vulnerability Mapping

Miha Staut, Primož Auersperger PDF
Tracing of the Stream Flowing Through the Cave Ferranova Buža, Central Slovenia

Janja Kogovšek, Metka Petrič PDF
Tracer Test on the Mala Gora Landfill near Ribnica in South-Eastern Slovenia

Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe PDF
Dolenjska Subsoil Stone Forests and Other Karst Phenomena Discovered During the Construction of the Hrastje – Lešnica Motorway Section

Bonnie A. B. Blackwell PDF
Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Dating in Karst Environments

Stephan Kempe, Hans Peter Hubrich, Klaus Suckstorff PDF
The History of Postojnska Jama: The 1748 Joseph Anton Nagel Inscriptions in Jama near Predjama and Postojnska Jama

Andrej Kranjc PDF
Baltazar Hacquet (1739/40-1815), the Pioneer of Karst Geomorphologists


Nada Praprotnik PDF
Karel Dežman is not forgotten

Reports & Book Reviews

Luiz Eduardo Panisset Travassos, Andrej Kranjc, Heinz Charles Hokler PDF
6th National Symposium of Geomorphology (VI SINAGEO), Goiânia, Brazil, September 6th-10th

Andrej Kranjc PDF
V. N. Dubljanskij (editor): Kungurskaja ledjanaja peščera: opit rezhimnih nabljudenij (Kungur Ice Cave: Monitoring Experience)

Franci Gabrovšek PDF
Graham S. Proudlove (Editor): Essential Sources In Cave Science. A Guide to the Literature of Cave Science