Research results of local buckwheat varieties and forms of Ukrainian origin

Oleh Tryhub



The national collection of buckwheat in Ukraine consists of 578 local samples and forms of Ukrainian origin addedinto the collection during 1929 to 2012. In 1994-2000 and 2014-2018, the material has been studied and described, thecommon characteristics of samples peculiar of a certain area of origin, feature manifestation peculiarities, material flex­ibility and stability of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics depending on the weather in growing years havebeen identified. The range of studies included sample performance indicators, architectonic values, grain characteristics,and so on. A common characteristic of local buckwheat varieties is a significant sensitivity to changes in growing con­ditions, which is reflected in the change of growth processes (increase in the plant height by lengthening of internodes,the number of branches of the second and higher orders, the number of leaves per plant) and adjustment of the growthduration (lengthening the duration of the growing season after the onset of more favorable conditions for growth anddevelopment). The performance indicators related to the grain characteristics are quite stable. However, the generaltrends characteristic of plants from a certain origin of the collection material remained unchanged.

Received: March 27, 2019; accepted: May 25, 2019

Keywords: accesses, buckwheat, collection, local varieties and forms


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