Formation of buckwheat genepool collection in Ukraine and directions of its usage

Oleh Tryhub, Vitaliy Burdyga, Yuriy Kharchenko, Ruslan Havrylyanchyk



The national collection of buckwheat in Ukraine consists of more than 2,000 samples.The material is studied, reproduced and preserved in special storage facilities with controlled environmental conditions and temperature, humidity of grain in the hermeticcontainers. The research work, conducted over the genepool, has allowed separating the source of valuable for selection treats: high yield and productivity, large grain, low-growing plant, high seedling vigor, resistance towards abscission and impact of abiotic and biotic environmental factors. As a result of the fulfilling research program "Plant genetic resources" following actions are conducted annually:allocation of 10-15 sources of selection and agronomic traits of plant productivity, grain quality, adaptability of the material, etc .;software research and breeding facilities standards, sources and donors of valuable traits for breeding and other research - about 100 collection samples; transmission of 1-2 educational collections (30-50 samples) to educational institutions. 

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