Vol 32, No 2 (2003)

Table of Contents

Original papers

Jurij Kunaver PDF
Contribution of Ivan Gams to the Development of Slovene Karst Terminology

Jean Nicod PDF
A Little Contribution to the Karst Terminology: Special or Aberrant Cases of Poljes?

Ugo Sauro PDF
Dolines and Sinkholes: Aspects of Evolution and Problems of Classification

Stanka Šebela PDF
The Use of Structural Geological Terms and their Importance for Karst Caves

Mario Parise, Antonio Federico, Marco Delle Rose, Mariangela Sammarco PDF
Folk Karst Terminology from Apulia (Southern Italy)

Brigitta Mader PDF
Observations on Historical Terminology: Grotte and Höhle in German Texts

Berta Mrak PDF
Comparison of French and Slovene Karstic and Speleological Terminology

Martina Frelih PDF
Geomorphology of Karst Depressions: Polje or Uvala - a Case Study of Lučki dol

France Šušteršič, Simona Šušteršič PDF
Formation of the Cerkniščica and the Flooding of Cerkniško Polje

Neven Bočić PDF
Relation between Karst and Fluviokarst Relief on the Slunj Plateau (Croatia)

Antonella Marsico, Gianlucca Selleri, Giuseppe Mastronuzzi, Paolo Sansň, Nicola Walsh PDF
Cryptokarst: A Case-Study of the Quaternary Landforms of Southern Apulia (Southern Italy)

Chuanrong Zhang, Michael Day, Weidong Li PDF
Landuse and Land Cover Change in the Lunan Stone Forest, China

Ilona Bárány-Kevei PDF
Human Impact on Karst Terrains, with Special Regard to Sylviculture in Hungary

Xiang Changguo, Song Linhua, Zhang Pingjiu, Pan Genxing PDF
The Case Study on Soil Fauna Diversity in Different Ecological System in Shilin NationalPark, Yunnan, China

Ibrahim Atalay PDF
Effects of the Tectonic Movements on the Karstification in Anatolia, Turkey

Mahmet Ekmeci PDF
Review of Turkish Karst with Emphasis on Tectonic and Paleogeographic Controls

Gregor Kovačič PDF
The Protection of Karst Aquifers: the Example of the Bistrica Karst Spring (SW Slovenia)

Milena Zlokolica-Mandić, Jelena Ćalić-Ljubojević PDF
Propagation of a Floodwave in Karst during Artificially Generated Recession - Case Study of Banjica Spring (Bela Palanka, Eastern Serbia)

Mohamad Reza Ahmadipour PDF
Karst Springs of Alashtar, Iran

Pavel Bosák, Vojtěch Beneš PDF
Geophysical Characteristics of Epikarst: Case Studies from Zagros Mts. (Iran) and the Koněprusy Region (Czech Republic)

Mehmed Necdet PDF
Overview of the Karst Occurences in Northern Cyprus

Trevor R. Shaw PDF
Illumination for the Emperor’s Intended Visit to Postojnska jama, Slovenia, in 1856 (and Used when he Came in 1857?)

Brigitta Mader PDF
Archduke Ludwig Salvator and Leptodirus Hohenwarti from Postojnska jama

Stanislav Južnič PDF
Hallerstein and Chinese Karst

Gregor Kovačič, Nataša Ravbar PDF
Karst Aquifers Vulnerability or Sensitivity?


Jacques Choppy PDF
French Terminology of Speleological Forms