Vol 34, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents

Original papers

Giovanni Badino PDF
Underground Drainage Systems and Geothermal Flux

Wolfgang Dreybrodt, Franci Gabrovšek, Matija Perne PDF
Condensation Corrosion: A Theoretical Approach

Andrea Mochiutti, Paolo Maddaleni PDF
Chemical, Geomechanical and Geomorphological Aspects of Karst in Sandstone and Marl of Flyschformations in Northeast Italy

Mario Parise, Antonio Trocino PDF
Gypsum Karst in the CrotoneProvince (Calabria, Southern Italy)

Philipp Haüselmann, Paola Tognini PDF
Kaltbach Cave (Siebenhengste, Switzerland): Phantom of the Sandstone?

Móga János, Róbert Németh PDF
The Morphological Research of the Basalt and Loess Covered Plateaus in the Bakony Mts. (Transdanubian Middle Mts. – Hungary)

Charles A. Self, Graham J. Mullan PDF
Rapid Karst Development in an English Quartzitic Sandstone

Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe, Stanka Šebela PDF
Smoganica – a Cave Developed in Upper Cretaceous Breccia

Francesco Ferrarese, Ugo Sauro PDF
The Montello hill: The “Classical Karst” of the Conglomerate Rocks

Alen Lepirica PDF
Basic Morphological and Morphostructural Characteristics of the Rakitnica Canyon (Dinaric Karst, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ahmad Al-Malabeh, Stephan Kempe PDF
Origin of Iron Ore Nuggets (“Bohnerze”) through Weathering of Basalt as Documented by Pebbles from the Herbstlabyrinth, Breitscheid-Germany

Stanka Šebela PDF
Monitoring of Active Tectonic Structures – Project COST 625

Metka Petrič, Stanka Šebela PDF
Hydrogeological research as a basis for the preparation of the plan of monitoring groundwater contamination: A Case Study of the Stara Vas Landfill near Postojna (SW Slovenia)

Franci Gabrovšek PDF
Caves in Conglomerate: Case of Udin boršt, Slovenia

Andrej Kranjc PDF
Conglomerate Karst in Slovenia : History of Cave Knowledge and Research of Udin Boršt (Gorenjsko)