Vol 36, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents


Tadej Slabe, David Culver, Tanja Pipan PDF

Original papers

Franci Gabrovšek PDF
On Denudation Rates in Karst

Arthur N. Palmer PDF
Variation in Rates of Karst Processes

Wolfgang Dreybrodt, Douchko Romanov PDF
Time Scales in the Evolution of Solution Porosity in Porous Coastal Carbonate Aquifers by Mixing Corrosion in the Saltwater-Freshwater Transition Zone

Andrej Mihevc PDF
The Age of Karst Relief in West Slovenia

William B. White PDF
Evolution and Age Relations of Karst Landscapes

Philippe Audra, Alfredo Bini, Franci Gabrovšek, Philipp Häuselmann, Fabien Hobléa, Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Jurij Kunaver, Michel Monbaron, France Šušteršič, Paola Tognini, Hubert Trimmel, Andres Wildberger PDF
Cave and Karst Evolution in the Alps and Their Relation to Paleoclimate and Paleotopography

Leonardo Latella, Ugo Sauro PDF
Aspects of the Evolution of an Important Geo-Ecosystem in the Lessinian Mountain (Venetian Prealps, Italy)

Oana Teodora Moldovan, Géza Rajka PDF
Historical Biogeography of Subterranean Beetles – “Plato’s Cave” or Scientific Evidence?

David C. Culver, Tanja Pipan PDF
What Does the Distribution of Stygobiotic Copepoda (Crustacea) Tell Us About Their Age?

Philipp Häuselmann PDF
How to Date Nothing With Cosmogenic Nuclides

Bojan Otoničar PDF
Upper Cretaceous to Paleogene Forbulge Unconformity Associated With Foreland Basin Evolution (Kras, Matarsko Podolje and Istria; SW Slovenia and NW Croatia)

Robert G Loucks PDF
A Review of Coalesced, Collapsed-Paleocave Systems and Associated Suprastratal Deformation

Armstrong R. L. Osborne PDF
The World’s Oldest Caves: - How -Did They Survive and What Can They Tell Us?

Ira D. Sasowsky PDF
Clastic Sediments in Caves – Imperfect Recorders of Processes in Karst

Ognjen Bonacci PDF
Analysis of Long-Term (1878-2004) Mean Annual Discharges of the Karst Spring Fontaine de Vaucluse (France)

Fred G. Luiszer PDF
Timing of Passage Development and Sedimentation at Cave of the Winds, Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA

Megan L. Porter, Katharina Dittmar, Marcos Pérez-Losada PDF
How Long Does Evolution of the Troglomorphic Form Take? Estimating Divergence Times in Astyanax Mexicanus

Peter Trontelj, Špela Gorički, Slavko Polak, Rudi Verovnik, Valerija Zakšek, Boris Sket PDF
Age Estimates for Some Subterranean Taxa and Lineages in the Dinaric Karst

Eleonora Trajano PDF
The Challenge of Estimating the Age of Subterranean Lineages: Examples from Brazil

Andreas Wessel, Petra Erbe, Hannelore Hoch PDF
Pattern and Process: Evolution of Troglomorphy in the Cave-Planthoppers of Australia and Hawai’i ‒ Preliminary Observations (Insecta: Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Cixiidae)


Franci Gabrovšek PDF
Abstarcts of other oral and poster presentations