Vol 39, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Nico Goldscheider, Nataša Ravbar PDF
Research frontiers and practical challenges in karst hydrogeology

Original papers

Nico Goldscheider, Christoph Neukum PDF
Fold and fault control on the drainage pattern of a double-karst-aquifer system, Winterstaude, Austrian Alps

Igor Jemcov, Metka Petrič PDF
Time series analysis, modelling and assessment of optimal exploitation of the Nemanja karst springs, Serbia

Gregor Kovačič PDF
Hydrogeological study of the Malenščica karst spring (SW Slovenia) by means of a time series analysis

Peter Malík, Jaromír Švasta PDF
Hydraulic Properties of Carbonate Rocks from Slovakian Borehole Database

Ingo Sass, Ulrich Burbaum PDF
Damage to the historic town of Staufen (Germany) caused by geothermal drillings through anhydrite-bearing formations

Haijing Wang, Zaihua Liu, Jinliu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Dejun An, Ruxian Fu, Xiaoping Wang PDF
Spatial and temporal hydrochemical variations of the spring-fed travertine-depositing stream in the Huanglong Ravine, Sichuan, SW China

Matías Mudarra, Bartolomé Andreo PDF
Hydrogeological functioning of a karst aquifer deduced from hydrochemical components and natural organic tracers present in spring waters. The case of Yedra Spring (Southern Spain)

Peter Malík, Juraj Michalko PDF
Oxygen Isotopes in Different Recession Subregimes of Karst Springs in the Brezovské Karpaty Mts. (Slovakia)

Vivian Gremaud, Nico Goldscheider PDF
Geometry and drainage of a retreating glacier overlying and recharging a karst aquifer, Tsanfleuron-Sanetsch, Swiss Alps

Janja Kogovšek, Metka Petrič PDF
Tracer tests as a tool for planning the monitoring of negative impacts of the Mozelj landfill (SE Slovenia) on karst waters

Bill X. Hu PDF
Examining a Coupled Continuum Pipe-Flow Model for Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in a Karst aquifer

Zoran Stevanović, Saša Milanović, Vesna Ristić PDF
Supportive methods for assessing effective porosity and regulating karst aquifers

Caoimhe Hickey PDF
The Use of Multiple Techniques for Conceptualisation of Lowland Karst, a case study from County Roscommon, Ireland

Malcolm S. Field PDF
Simulating Drainage from a Flooded Sinkhole

Robert E. Criss PDF
A Darcian Model for the Flow of Big Spring and the hydraulic head in the Ozark aquifer, Missouri, USA

Fang Guo, Daoxian Yuan, Zhengjiao Qin PDF
Groundwater Contamination in Karst Areas of Southwestern China and Recommended Countermeasures

Reports & Book Reviews

Derek Clifford Ford PDF
Review of Krešić, N. and Stevanović, Z. (Editors) 2010.Groundwater Hydrology of Springs: Engineering, Theory, Management and Sustainability


Acknowledgment to reviewers and proofreaders