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Carbon dioxide in the soils and adjacent caves of the Moravian Karst

Jiří Faimon, Monika Ličbinska



Variations of soil/cave CO2 concentrations and further vari­ables suchas temperature, humidity, and cave visitor atten­dance were studied in two sites of the Moravian Karst (CzechRepublic). All the variables showed the same seasonality; they were strongly correlated witheachother. The dependence of soil CO2 levels on soil air temperature and absolute humidity was confirmed. Individual effects could not be distinguished because of multicollinearity. The effect of vegetation on soil CO2 production was not recognized. Cave attendance was identified as the most significant predictor of cave CO2 levels. Other variables, soil CO2 and temperature gradients, were less significant. A spurious relationship was alternatively consid­ered, in whichexternal temperature was the universal predic­tor of cave CO2 levels.

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