Vol 48, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents

Mauro Hrvatin, Drago Perko PDF
Landscape characteristics of common land in Slovenia 7-32

Nadja Penko Seidl PDF
Significance of Toponyms, with Emphasis on Field Names, for Studying Cultural Landscape 33-56

Drago Kladnik, Primož Pipan PDF
Bay of Piran or Bay of Savudrija? An example of problematic treatment of geographical names 57–91

Domen Kušar PDF
The impact of natural disasters on buildings’ architectural styles 93-120

Katarina Polajnar PDF
Public awareness of wetlands and their conservation 121-146

Serafeim Polyzos, Labros Sdrolias, Efstathios Koutseris PDF
Enterprises' locational decisions and interregional highways: an empiric investigation in Greec 147-168