Vol 55, No 2 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Nataša Kolega PDF
Coastline changes on the Slovenian coast between 1954 and 2010 205–221

Bogdan Mihai, Constantin Nistor, Gabriel Simion PDF
Post-socialist urban growth of Bucharest, Romania – a change detection analysis on Landsat imagery (1984–2010) 223–234

Drago Perko, Mauro Hrvatin, Rok Ciglič PDF
A methodology for natural landscape typification of Slovenia 235–270

Andreea-Loreta Cercleux, Daniel Peptenatu, Florentina-Cristina Merciu PDF
Structural dynamics of tertiary activities in industrial parks in Bucharest, Romania 271–281

Vanja Dragićević, David Bole, Anđela Bučić, Aleksandra Prodanović PDF
European capital of culture: residents' perception of social benefits and costs – Maribor 2012 case study 283-302

Boštjan Kerbler PDF
Population aging in Slovenia: A spatial perspective 303–317

Katarina Polajnar Horvat, Urška Drofenik PDF
Opportunities for developing mountain biking in the Municipality of Bohinj 317-335

Riccardo Brozzi, Lucija Lapuh, Janez Nared, Thomas Streifeneder PDF
Towards more resilient economies in Alpine regions 339-350

Stefan Marzelli, Florian Lintzmeyer PDF
Transnational needs of sustainable spatial development in the Alps: results from an analysis of policy documents 351–361

Janez Nared, Nika Razpotnik Visković, Dominik Cremer-Schulte, Riccardo Brozzi, Felipe Cortines Garcia PDF
Achieving sustainable spatial development in the Alps through participatory planning 363–373